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About Our Training & Services

Mission Critical Operations Training Programs

Integrated Solutions Services Cooperative Education

Integrated Solutions Services Cooperative Education


We offer the accredited Mission Critical Operations and Data Center Concentric Training Programs. Our MCO program provides students with a solid foundation of the fundamentals involved in working in a data center or mission critical environment.

Integrated Solutions Services Cooperative Education

Integrated Solutions Services Cooperative Education

Integrated Solutions Services Cooperative Education


We have created a spectrum of Networked Strategic Alliances that can provide 'real-world' experiences for our students that uniquely introduces them to new  and distruptive technologies that are utilized by data centers and other mission critical facilities.

Data Center Trends & Conferencing

Integrated Solutions Services Cooperative Education

Data Center Trends & Conferencing


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The mission and purpose the American Advanced Technology and Cybersecurity (AATC) University is to help train and equip people for digital transformation globally, by providing affordable, fast-tracked mission critical operations and digital infrastructure professional curriculum. Our reduced cost method makes it possible to complete a degree program entirely through distance learning, with a minimal amount of time away from business, job and family.

The AATC University Method

AATC University represents a revival of the Classical University System!

The Classical Learning Approach

  • Tailors degree requirements to assist in the attaining of individual goals.
  • Sees many environments as appropriate to learning, not just the classroom.
  • Acknowledges that the range of learning resources is limitless.
  • Cultivates self-direction and independence.
  • Acknowledges the value of accelerated education.

The Response

AATC University is committed to responding to the need for lifelong learning opportunities by providing a full range of educational services adapted to the needs of data center operators and Smart Cities preparing for Digital Transformation. To accomplish this goal, AATC University recognizes and gives credit for documented experiential learning, also referred to as LIFE LONG Learning or PRIOR Learning.

The Mission Critical Assessment Portfolio (MAP)

Students may request credit for experiential learning by using the Mission Critical Assessment Portfolio (MAP). The (MAP) allows for the assembling and presentation of documented learning regardless of how it was gained. 

AATC University recognizes that career knowledge is worthy of credit and acknowledgement. We believe honor and recognition should be awarded to those who learn through research and independent study. Research education includes inspiration, development and invention. This program is designed specifically for Mission Critical Operations, Data Center Professionals, Digital Infrastructure Professionals and Transitioning Military Veterans honorably discharged.