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AATC University Board Members and Department Staff

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Dr. Tim Oergel, Provost: | (480) 278-4213

Dr. Dennis Cronin, Chancellor: |(908) 227-6827

Dr. Curt Hurst, President AATC Campus (East): | (201) 404-0650

Dr. Bruce Myatt, Pres, AATC Campus (West): | (415) 748-0515

Dr. Darrell Richardson, R&D: | (602) 509-3355

Dr. Carrie Goetz, CTO, AATC D&I, STEM:| (601) 624-4021

Dr. Tim Hensley, CFO, AATC Finance: | (480) 217-5652

Dr. Caroline Fritz, CMO, Media/PR:| (567) 868-4734

Dr. Randy Gilliam, RA, Facilities:| (480) 236-1228

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