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AATC University - FAQ


Is AATC Accredited? | The AACHE Accreditation Commission

Yes. This is accomplished by an independent consortium known as the Advancing Academia Commission on Higher Education.(AACHE) actively reviews curriculum provided by Independent Service Providers, (ISP's) and upon the consortium's approval, may deem appropriate credit toward a degree with AATC University. The ISP's then become nominated for consideration as a Certified Teaching Alliance (CTA) with AATC University.

How does AATC add curriculum? | Independent Service Providers (ISP's)

An Independent Service Provider may be another College or University and may even include training provided by the Mission Critical Industry Vendors and Suppliers.

Can I take classes on-line? | Certified Teaching Alliances (CTA's)

Yes. Certified Teaching Alliances, (CTA's) act as colleges to the univerity. As stated above, a Certified Teaching Alliance is an Independent Service Provider that has been formally nominated, review and recognized by the Advancing Academia Commission on Higher Education (AACHE) and the AATC University Board of Regents. (e.g. Schneider Electric's Energy University) is a Certified Teaching Alliance of AATC University and provides over 200 on-line courses that are recognized as transferrable college credit.

Can I transfer AATC Credits to another College? | Federal Recognition

Not yet. AATC University is currently petitioning the Department of Education (DOE) and the Department of Labor (DOL) for it's unique position of being a Data Center and Mission Critical Concentric Institution. Until the Federal Government grants accreditation recognition to AATC University, other colleges and universities cannot reciprocate transferrable college credit. At this time, AATC University operates as an Institute, utilizing the ISP's and CTA's via AACHE and can provide Mission Critical Assessment Portfolio (MAP) for its students for credit toward a degree in Mission Critical Operations. 

Can I get credit for what I know? | Mission Critical Assessment Portfolio (MAP)

Yes. The Mission Critical Portfolio Assessment is designed for students who desire to obtain college credit for what they know from experiential learning. The MAP is reviewed by the AATC BOR and evaluated for Mission Critical related industry experience, training etc. for advancement with AATC Univeristy Studies.


AATC University and AATC Institute are Services of Leadership Logic, LLC. We do not guarantee academic or industry career success, as this is based solely with the student or client.

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American Advanced Technology & Cybersecurity

AATC University provides IT Professionals and Transitioning Military Veterans with opportunities to learn and prepare for a career in the Mission Critical and Data Center industry.

The University does not teach curriculum, however it grants degrees based upon earned credit through Certified Teaching Alliances (CTA's) or Independent Service Providers (ISP's) that serve as colleges, and/or through portfolio assessment.


Advancing Academia Commission on Higher Education

AACHE Accreditation Commission reviews mission critical operations curriculum offered by Independent Service Providers, (ISP's) and upon meeting stringent criteria, assesses and awards credit value for use in applicable university degree programs.


Advancing Achievers International Scholarship Fund

The AAISF Merit Scholarship Program is named in honor of Dr. Richard Drake, who helped our founder, Dr. Tim Oergel develop the vision for AATC University. The AAISF Merit Scholarship program is funded through our Network of Strategic Alliances via our Partnership Plan, as well as our Alumni Association 'Eagle Forum America' which hosts fundraising events that are focused on supporting Transitioning Military Veterans.


Allied Testing and Commissioning Council

The ATCx Council identifies new and disruptive technologies and shares them with the Mission Critical Operations and Data Center industry by hosting nationwide events in collaboration with Joint Force Solutions and AATC University.


Certified Mission Critical Operator


Certified Teaching Alliance


Eagle Forum America - Alumni Association


Gold Hearts Awards Banquet


Independent Service Providers


Joint Conferencing Network and Training Force


Leading Advancing Marketing Partnering


Mission Critical Assessment Portfolio