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Policy Guidelines - Conference Host Locations


Policy Guide

General Policies & Procedures

  •      Non-Disclosure Agreement - Sensitive and/or Proprietary Information
  •      Media Permission - Photography, Materials, etc.
  •      Host Location Policies & Procedures

Conference Attendance

Classroom Behavior

  • We ask that each student conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  • Disruptions of any kind may result in the student being removed from the ProgramConference/Workshop/Seminar.

Continuing Education Credit

There are minimum required contact hours for each affiliated Certified Teaching Alliance, Independent Service Provider, College or University. Contact your instructor for further information about specific program requirements.


AATC University reserves the right to change the sequencing, content, etc. at any time without notice except herein.

Cancellation Policy

Percentage based on the time of registration in relation to the course offerings scheduled. See the individual conference registration form for more details.