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2020 Internship Program - R4Ventures & Natural Cycle Energy

AATC Research Labs Internship Program - R4V

There is a great need for our HPC cooling solutions with these high density components, i.e. Servers, Storage, Networking Devices. Our green...clean tech...sustainable Multistage Evaporative Cooling System (MECS) and Real Time Data Center Cooling System (RTDCCS) cooling solutions serving the High Performance Computing (HPC) market can save 40 to 80% on cooling energy use/costs by eliminating high energy consuming compressors (common in chillers) while being environmentally friendly as we use do not use any harmful refrigerants frequently referred to as Freon by using water as our refrigerant.  

Multi-Staged Evaporative Cooling System - MECS

AATC Research Labs - R4V Internship Program

MECS and RTDCCS Brochure November 2018 (pdf)


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