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The Testimonials


Anonymous quotes from Students & CEOs worldwide

AATC University policy of absolute confidentiality includes never divulging client names.

General Comments

"AATC University is to the modern Mission Critical Leader, what Annapolis is to the Navy!"

"This institution has changed my life and my business."

"The relevant MCO Training, helped me not only clarify the direction for our firm, but empowered us to get there."

"What could I have done if I had this information years ago?"

"Your proficient communicative activities have taught me how to turn confrontation into coaching and resolution."

"Your personal rule of conduct regarding confidentiality and integrity has taken excellence to an new level."

"AATC University has given us 'Blue-Chip' peak performance."

- Randy G.

"I really valued the interactive discussions with Dr. Tim as well as other class members. This interactive discussion provides a highly important way for us to explore concepts and options...I would encourage this - very good stuff!"

- Dennis C.

"Excellent organizational structure towards effecting CEO Leadership."

- Joe S.

"Refocused mindset on leadership and training and the importance fthe the organization to succeed."

- Robert W.

"Great Job! I plan to present this program to my company and maybe get involved in recruiting for it."